Client: Daring Hare
Service: Art Direction / Brand Identity / Package Design

Cornwall based Daring Hare is a lifestyle brand that works insightfully to create organic products from the finest quality ingredients. 

Daring Hare came about from a love of British country living. The feeling of going for a sunny, or even damp and misty, walk through the woods and the vivid assault upon all senses that ensues. The aim will always be a celebration of all things natural. The changing seasons, the changing landscape of natural produce and importantly, the taste of a crisp fine cyder, using only one hundred percent apples.

The Challenge
While the brand is fully confident in their products, they wanted to make a strong brand identity and packaging design aesthetics that consumers are drawn to, but still stand out on the shelf. 

The Solution 
Keeping to the core of the brief we have developed a memorable brand identity system that the brand is all about: Artisanal, hand crafted, luxury, & eco friendly.
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